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🕉️ Music Composer & Producer
☸️ Multi-Genre Multi-Instrumentalist
✝️ Mixing & Mastering Engineer / Business Owner
☯️ Experimental Videographer & Graphic / Collage Artist
☮️ Former Record Label Owner
☪️ "Scientist-Mystic" / Interfaith / Universalist / Nonduality
⚛️ Feline & Coffee Enthusiast

Angel Hair Audio, LLC
Mastering, Mixing, & Music Production Services

Specializing in the experimental, progressive, & forward-thinking corners of original music. I rescue suffering mixes!

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[Updated 1/21/2021]

Angel Marcloid was born in the mid 80s at a hospital in Prince Frederick, MD, 9 months after her Mom and Dad banged in a hotel room somewhere. She currently resides in a quiet town outside of Chicago, IL.
Angel changed her name to from her former/birth name, Justin, in 2016. However 'Marcloid' isn't Angel's real last name. It is a "stage name" or "public name" of sorts, spawned from a joke her friend Derek made in the early 2010s.

She spent most of her childhood playing drums. By her pre-teens and into her late 20s, she was not only playing drums in bands, but guitar, bass, keyboards, and making sounds from her face hole, in a number of hard-working emo, post-rock, prog, metal, noise, and punk-oriented bands. Some of the later, better, less embarassing ones being Age Sixteen, A Perfect Kiss, Batcomputer, Sawhorse (MD), New Years, Seabreezes, Shadow Gov't, and the ironically, regrettably-named anarcho-powerviolence band Surf Nazis On Ecstasy.

In the mid 2000's, Angel ran a MySpace clothing brand/graphic design firm/screen printing company called Black Sea, in which she outsourced printing work to a friend's merchandising warehouse in Florida. Most of her graphic work was making gritty, trendy shirt designs for then-current metalcore and pop punk bands.

From around 2008 to the mid 2010's Angel ran multiple experimental music labels (Rainbow Bridge, Swamp Circle), and remained active in an even larger number of simultaneous musical solo projects (Power Windoze, Inappropriate King Live, The Human Excuse, Pregnant Spore, Path To Lobster Believers, Dementia & Hope Trails, World Of White Ice, etc.) Around this time she was also a very active graphic artist, producing album and apparel designs for clients.

As of the late 2010's, Angel's dominant creative endeavor has been composing/producing music (and making music videos for) her solo project Fire-Toolz, in which she explores and experiments with the sounds of industrial, jazz fusion, prog, noise, new age, IDM, emo, and more. Visual and lyrical themes are often deeply personal, spiritual, and philosophical. Fire-Toolz is a deeply spiritual project, rife with symbolism, mysticism, synesthesic consistency, adoration of and connection to nature, vivid emotion, mixing the matter-of-fact with the visceral, with plenty of utter joy & stinging pain expressed in a colorful, honest, sometimes chaotic and aggressive way. Fire-Toolz has taken on an extreme amount of meaning for Angel over the years.

Additionally, Angel produces music as Nonlocal Forecast and Angelwings Marmalade. She also produces sample-based music as MindSpring Memories, Toad Computers, and Apk ♀ ᴎᴇᴛ ☯ Ltd℻.

She makes her living as Angel Hair Audio, doing mixing, mastering, music production, and audio/video post-production work in her home studio for clients.

Angel spends most of her free time producing music, bonding with her cats, practicing or indulging/self-educating in the Law Of One; non-dual mystical Christianity; Advaita Vedanta (Hindu); The Direct Path; Sufism; various forms of Buddhism; and other traditions, gazing at birds and squirrels in her front yard, binge-watching Twin Peaks or The Office or live streams of cat rescue nurseries, shoddily soaking up jazz music theory, spontaneously meditating, Photoshopping together gaudy digital collages, glitching stock animations, craving wide open natural spaces, dreaming of ordering takeout, actually ordering takeout, consuming overpriced lattes, or breaking the law (depending on which state she's in).

On paper/on Earth, you could say that Angel is transgender, specifically transfeminine. Angel does not (necessarily) identify as a transwoman however. She doesn't prefer to label herself as transgender, or any other checkbox or qualifier. She finds herself feeling feminine on most days, without any particular gendered words as identifying marks to justify or explain it. This is why, if a gender label must be used, she prefers transfeminine. The way she sees it is that this term is more of a personality and presentation descriptor than a gender identity. "Identity" is not something that Angel is that interested in claiming.

Angel is, on the level of form, a person, an animal, a sentient conglomeration of cells. But on a deeper and more real level, she is... happening, just as every other person and thing in this universe is happening. She is just as much everything and nothing as anything else is. Her lack of claiming a gender identity, and the world's resistance to accommodating this freedom to do so, are aspects of her worldly experience, but they do not define her essence, which is prior to the world, as everyone's is.

Fundamentally, she has no identity. If words must be used, they may as well be metaphor or poetry, as medical terms only refer to the body, and psychological terms only refer to the mind.

We are all a single Ocean ultimately, and sometimes that Ocean-Self manifests as individualized waves. Angel is one of these waves that briefly rise from the Ocean, only to merge back into it soon after. On this plane, Angel is just the Big Bang, still in motion.

Although 'she/her' pronouns were used in this biography, 'they/them' pronouns are equally preferred and accepted. To Angel, no pronouns feel ultimately correct, but refusing to use them makes speaking more difficult, so why not.

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Photo by Lyndon French